My Review Policy

Prior to sending me a review request, please read my review policy below:

I, Mikala Carpenter, am the sole author and owner of Books and Cleverness and Me. I review books that I have bought myself unless expressly stated otherwise and receive no compensation or payment for reviews given. I provide honest and thorough reviews at all times; any opinions expressed are my own. When reviewing, I aim to share my thoughts prior to a book’s release and will prioritize newer releases. I will accept review requests at my own discretion and cannot guarantee I will read or review a book.

Please note that I run this blog in my free time when I am not attending classes for my full-time MA program in children’s literature; teaching classes part-time as a writing graduate assistant; or working full-time at my local Barnes and Noble Booksellers. I will do my best to respond to requests, but cannot respond to all. Also note that I will read and review books in order of release date and will post reviews as near to the release date as I see fit.

Preferred genres: 

  • Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Young Readers (ages 7-12)

Preferred review copy format: 

  • Physical ARC
  • Digital ARC (e-book, easily accessible on Kindle)

Please send inquiries to and find me on my other social media accounts under the “Find Me” tab on this site.

I look forward to hearing from you and your stories!