Stuff and nonsense, a motto

First things first: I love books. More than a lot of things. I spend all day talking about them. (Not a joke — I work at a bookstore, I talk about books all day — and I never get tired of it.)

My goal for this blog is mostly to inundate you with book review upon book review. (I read a lot too — should I mention that?) I’ll be honest, I read mostly young adult fantasy literature, so, if that’s not your style, I apologize, but I’m going to just keep on keeping on. I’m also fairly interested in the portrayal (or lack thereof) of female characters in popular media — mostly books and movies — so I’ll include quite a bit of criticism on this front as well. Otherwise, there may also be posts that compare and contrast current YA literature or even that talk about my own writing.

Basically, we’re going to get into a bit of a hodgepodge here, and it’s going to be quite a blast.

Happy reading! Happy girl power!


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